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Docendo discitur – “by teaching, you learn”. My teaching draws from the assumption that every teaching activity is a mutual exchange of knowledge between who delivers the message and leads the discussion (the teacher), and those who receive that message and participate in that discussion, namely the students. This principle stands at the foundation of my constructivist pedagogy, where students actively build their knowledge of, and dynamically engage with, ancient literature and culture, make connections between the ancient and the contemporary world, and bring their own contribution in class. My teaching methodology develops from the numerous hours of teaching I did at the University of Trento, Durham University, and the Gandhi Institute. My teaching has also benefitted from the IntRef (Intercultural Reflection on Teaching) Project, which allowed me to compare my teaching methodology with other colleagues from different countries and disciplines. I am strongly committed to diversity and inclusion principles in my teaching, where I pay attention to the integration of students who self-identify as female, LGBTQ+, non-binary, as well as those from underrepresented backgrounds

Istituto Gandhi, Meran, Italy (2021-22)

Latin Grammar and Culture; Ancient History; Homeric and Vergilian Epic

Durham University (2017-2021)

Monuments and Memory in the Age of Augustus; Ancient Political Thought and Action; Crisis of the Roman Republic; Comedy and Tragedy, Laughter and Sorrow; Craft of the Ancient Historian; Death in the Classical World; Myths of Transformation; Traditions of Epic; Emperors and Dynasties; Intermediate Greek; Intermediate Latin; Advanced Latin

University of Trento (2014-2016)

Latin Grammar Tutorials

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