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Simona Martorana

Classicist, Feminist, Globetrotter



I am Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow at Kiel University and the University of Hamburg (2022-24).

After having completed my two degrees (B.A. and M.A.) at the University of Trento and got some work experience in Italy, I moved to Durham, where I completed my Ph.D. in Classics in July 2021. Globetrotter, wisdom seeker, explorer, I spent some time in Freiburg as an Erasmus student during my B.A., at Columbia University in New York during my M.A., and at Harvard University as a Visiting Fellow.

Alongside finalizing my monograph (Seeking the Mothers in Ovid's Heroides, forthcoming with Cornell University Press), I am currently co-editing a volume on Body and Medicine in Latin Poetry (De Gruyter), whose publication is scheduled in 2024. This volume arises from a research network on "Body and Medicine in Latin Poetry", which I co-founded:

My main research focus on Latin verse combines philological rigor in attention to the detail of the texts, with contemporary theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches to antiquity (gender; posthumanism; environmental and medical humanities; legal theory). As I see 'antiquity' as a fluid concept and think that the margins of the discipline must be expanded to include (supposedly) less canonical texts, I am also working on the critical edition of a collection of Medieval Latin fables, the Romulus (RG). My new research project focuses on "The Diseased Body and the Landscape: Rethinking Human-Environment Interaction within Plague Narratives from the Roman World".

A daughter, a sister, almost a worshipper of Sappho, I have combined my work with my personal history by co-organizing a panel on Sappho at the 13 CCC (Celtic Conference in Classics) in Lyon (July 2022): I am now working towards the publication of the conference papers as an edited volume.

See above for my CV and page.

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